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Below are a few comments from current and past Clients of Mainlysilver Moves:

Bonnie is an excellent Pilates instructor totally devoted to her clients. I have been going to her for 3 years, suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and can honestly say that getting around would have been impossible had it not been for Bonnie’s perception, knowledge, insight, and ability.

Steve, Grandview

Bonnie: As you know I have worked out for over 20 years with many people in the field of personal training, yoga, and Pilates and I am so impressed with your knowledge of the body, its muscles, skeletal system, and connections and even the emotions that can cause pain to show up in the body. Even more then your knowledge I love that you key right in to me and I can feel your heart in each session we have together. I feel so much more freedom in my body every time I leave my sessions. The work is deeper then any other work I’ve done yet gentler on my body. I love it and I love you!

Daryl, Valley Cottage

I was introduced to Bonnie Pilar and Pilates 2-1/2 years ago. I had recently recuperated from a serious illness which left me with poor muscle tone and over-all extremity weakness.

Through Bonnie's professional and personally-designed program I have made tremendous strides. Her encouragement and caring have gotten me to the point where I am now more in touch with my body. My over-all muscle strength and general well-being have improved tremendously.

I can hardly wait for my Monday morning private sessions with Bonnie in her studio overlooking the Hudson River. The hour flies by and when it is over I am left with a high and feel fortunate to have connected with Bonnie when I did.

Airmont, NY

I have been working with Bonnie for at least 2 years. Bonnie is professional, warm and makes Pilates fun. She pushes me in the gentlest manner. I have never stayed with any workout program as long as I have stayed with this one.

GH, New City


I want to let you know how incredible working with you is. I always leave our sessions feeling on top of my game, lengthened, strengthened, and "clear". It's amazing just how holistic it is!  I have worked out in every venue from weight training to yoga, and everything in between. I find doing Pilates with you is the best of all worlds!

The environment in your studio is filled with good energy, and is so conducive to relaxation and breathing deeply. Your love for what you do is always evident. You are so present and dynamic. It is contagious! 

You have helped me to be relaxed and decompressed, as well as stronger and longer!  From the very first session with you, a long time ago, I knew this was something special and different from any of the other body work I have ever done through the years, and I have done a great deal of various types of body work, including Pilates. It has remained consistently so, never boring or mediocre.

I think the best part is something you do consistently-You actually "intuit" what I need with each session and then devise a plan to get the maximum results. You somehow manage to zone in on exactly what part(s) of my body need the extra attention. I don't know how you do it!  Every session is it's own unique session, never "one size fits all"!  In addition to all the toning and sculpting benefits, working with you, I have been able to find pain relief and alignment which I have not gotten in any form of physical therapy I have tried, otherwise! I can't figure out how you just know, never mind how you "fix" the parts that hurt or need to be aligned better. I have walked in in discomfort, and left with short and long term relief! 

Life is hectic and complicated, which makes working with you that much more important. The hour spent with you makes the whole rest of my week so much better, physically and mentally! My only regret is not getting more time to work with you! I sing your praises, loudly and often. Everyone who has taken my advice, and come to you, has shared my enthusiasm. 

Thank you, Bonnie, for being the best at what you do, and helping me be my personal best!

Jody, West Nyack


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